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Problem with reading result

Hello I've got the problem with reading the result. Because I created a loop where I have an excel input file with dates, like you see I get into the InputCollection in Blueprism and it's fine to the moment of read result, because that is a circle ar...

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Problem with identyfing elements on the website

Hello everyone,I've got a problem with identifying attributes of elements on the website. I captured elements through the spy mode of Application Modeller. I have a problem with identifying attributes of Birthday and E-mail address. I want to create ...

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Resolved! Problem with expand a list on a page

Hello I've got the problem with expanding a list on a page. I would like to expand a country list and select the right country, for example Germany. In Object studio I know that I have to use navigate stage but what action? BluePrism version 7.2.0. M...

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Foundation Consolidation Exercise

Hello - can some one give me a clue (or the answer ); I'm stuck on the first bit where you build the process; I keep getting an error on the Open Workbook action "Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Except...

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📣Pop quiz time, can you answer this question?

Get ready to challenge yourself with our monthly Pop Quiz, designed to test and enhance your knowledge of Blue Prism's products. Can you answer the question below? Let us know in the comments below what you think the answer is and we will reveal the ...

📣Issues logging into University

Hi All,We just wanted to let you all know that there is currently an intermittent issue with logging into the University site. When you try to log in, you may get just a blank page. You may also expierence issues if you are trying to change your pass...