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New Blog: ROM 2 Professional exam

Check out the latest blog post by our Certification Manager Eliza Swyter, who interviewed Emma Kirby-Kidd, a leading Intelligent Automation (IA) expert, who shares invaluable tips for mastering Blue Prism's IA complexities. Whether you're a seasoned ...

Excel Error

I am doing a excel operation in a process. Process is running on other bots properly, but few bots are showing this error while copying and pasting data from one excel to other. Exception : Failed to copy worksheet: Invalid index. (Exception from HRE...

Resolved! Error Failed to launch MSedge

The error message occurred while configuring the application modeler to launch Microsoft Edge.Error - Failed to launch application - Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Path '', line 1, position 353.

Resolved! 📣Pop quiz time, can you answer this question?

Get ready to challenge yourself with our Pop Quiz, designed to test and enhance your knowledge of Blue Prism's products. Can you answer the question below? Let us know in the comments below what you think the answer is and we will reveal the correct ...

Need confirmation letter from Blue Prism

Hi!I have passed the Blue Prism Developer Exam and received a badge. But my future employer doubts that certifications issued by Credly are valid Blue Prism certifications. And thus he is asking for letter-confirmation from Blue Prism. Is there any o...

salbaha by Level 2
  • 4 replies

Blue Prism Solution Designer Practice Exams

Hi Team, I would like to check if anyone has recommendations for Blue Prism Solution Designer Practice Exams? I have come across three sites so far, but I'm not sure which one would provide the most accurate answers and explanations. Blue Prism (ASD0...

How can I get the BP resource status

Hi ,I need to get the correct status of the BP resource from which table I can get those information.also please explain about the following columns in BPAResource table. [processesrunning] [actionsrunning] [AttributeID] -----------------------...

Mupps-S by Level 4
  • 3 replies

Email automation

I have a task where I need to access email sample templates stored as .msg files in a specific local folder. For each item in a queue, I have to retrieve these templates, modify the subject line, and then save each modified template as a new .msg fil...