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Resolved! Filter Collection - Filter by value that contains '

I'm trying to use the Collection Manipulation - Filter Collection action.For the filter I have the following:[Column Name] = '"&[Referral Source]&"'"This is working for everything but a couple of Referral Sources are text containing a single quote fo...

JoanneC by Level 2
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Issues Clicking a Save & Close Button

Hi all,I am having the following issue with a current process I am working on.  The process involves taking a list of new investors, logging on to a webpage, and entering the new investors into the system.  I am able to navigate all the menus and but...

GriffinElis_0-1712263102451.png GriffinElis_1-1712263233247.png

[공유] 블루프리즘 7.3이상 버전에서의 Outlook VBO 호환성 문제해결

안녕하세요? 블루프리즘 현재 기준 최신 버전인 7.3버전 부터는블루프리즘 DX(Digital Exchange) 페이지에 있는 기존의 MS Outlook VBO 를 쓰면, VBO의 action 실행시에 컴파일 오류관련 메시지가 뜨면서initialise 시에 관련 DLL 화일을 호출하지 못해서 작동이 안되는 증상이 있습니다. 블루프리즘 관련 게시글들을 검색해보니, 특정 DLL 의 라이센스 문제로 인하여블루프리즘 7.3버전부터는 설치화면에서 Outl...

Sangjun by Level 3
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Problem with identyfing elements on the website

Hello everyone,I've got a problem with identifying attributes of elements on the website. I captured elements through the spy mode of Application Modeller. I have a problem with identifying attributes of Birthday and E-mail address. I want to create ...

Zrzut ekranu (609).png Zrzut ekranu (610).png Zrzut ekranu (611).png Zrzut ekranu (612).png


hello,I'm trying to make an http request mTLS by sending a certificate. I am using the object available in DE Utility - HTTP version 10.0.2 through the "HTTP Request" action, however it is returning the error message " Internal: Could not execute cod...


Resolved! No Option to right click

Hi,I've recently upgraded to V7.3, I can't see any parameter as an input option in the navigate stage for a click event. I want to right-click on a link present in the web application. I just have a tracking ID in place. Earlier in V6 we have the fea...


Resolved! Problem with expand a list on a page

Hello I've got the problem with expanding a list on a page. I would like to expand a country list and select the right country, for example Germany. In Object studio I know that I have to use navigate stage but what action? BluePrism version 7.2.0. M...

jacobitwaco_1-1713087522949.png Zrzut ekranu (603).png
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