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How to print PDF with a specific printer

Hello, I have the following problem/question. How can I print a PDF (not opened but location known) via an action phase? I have a list of printers, whereby I have information about the printers in a collection stage. How can I implement this and what...

Decipher - How to ignore everything after the first page

Basically, we have trained Decipher on some documents that are single page and multi page, yet Decipher keeps going back to look at the second page even though all the values it needs are on the first. Is there a DFD flag or something I can set to ig...

isohrob by Level 2
  • 3 replies

Resolved! BP Web API Services - Authenticating JIRA

Hi,I am attempting to integrate with JIRA in order to perform a GET call to retrieve the information on a particular issue. I have a managed to work it using Postman but I am finding authentication in BP Web Services challenging.I'd appreciate any po...

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Convert jpg to pdf

heips,I have a process which saves the view using print screen (only way to really get the correct form/window - print screen to PDF will mess it up the overlapping windows).But how to convert the JPG -files to PDF -files ?

annukka by Level 3
  • 2 replies

Timeout Errors in BP

We all are getting the Timeout Errors in BP on anything we do:  trying to view the jobs, maximize the screen, etc.

bpscion by Level 2
  • 1 replies

MS VBO Excel Release Notes

As I was reviewing the latest version of the MS Excel VBO in Digital Exchange (https://digitalexchange.blueprism.com/dx/entry/3439/solution/ms-excel-vbo), I saw that some versions mention addressing a specific issue. The issue is formatted like "DS-#...

jdx0751 by Level 4
  • 0 replies

Running BluePrism 7.1 in Azure AVD Multi-Session

Is it possible to run BluePrism 7.1 in Azure AVD Multi-Session(shared) desktop, or will it only work with persistent desktops? We will be upgrading to 7.3 soon as well.Is someone doing this today successfully?Thank you in advance.Jake

PIVOT Tables Creation in Excel

Hi Team, How to create Pivot tables and add the rows, columns and values to the PIVOT tables in excel? So we have any actions available in  MS Excel VBO? Need your help on this------------------------------SYED FAHEEMRPA DeveloperDAR-MEAsia/Kolkata--...

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