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Microsoft 365 Excel Write Excel

I have implemented a process where a collection hast to be written to an Excel. As a test I created an Excel with the name TestExcel.xlsx and the table “Tabelle1”.The Excel can be found, because I can copy it or read data out of it. But writting from...


Outlook issue while save attachment.

Hi,I am trying to download attachment from Outlook.When the file name is larger. It is throwing error.Note: we are using the subject as folder name, in that folder we are saving the attachment. In this scenario we have subject length also larger, and...

How to scrap Data from a slickgrid Table

Hi Everyone,1. I am trying to scrap the data from a web application which contains a slickgrid table not a regular html table by using the regular spying and xpath not able to get the table data.2. Once i get the data i need to find out whether the r...

MS Excel VBO

Hi, Can anyone please try to help me with this error. I recently added MS Excel VBO from digital exchange. New to the Blueprsim. During an excel operation I am getting the following error: When I'm trying to open workbook Internal : Could not execute...


doubt regarding opening of excel workbook

   I am a new learner of Blue Prism. I try to work in excel vbo. I create a process to read an excel workbook. While running the PROCESS an error message is shown in the ACTION to open the workbook. The error message is shown below:Internal : Could n...

7.1 update - messaging host - unknown browser type

Hi all,Looking for some advice. We've upgraded to v7.1 tom 6.8, but have an issue with the messaging host connecting up to Chrome. Some of our virtual machines work ok, but some don't, and I can't see any reason for the difference.When I try to launc...

License Error

I am getting this error message while importing objects and processes can someone help me out with this. 

brana by Level 3
  • 1 replies

Data Gateways - Published Dashboard

Hi,Im setting up data gateways and want to a specific data from tables.Can you please let me know if anyone have achieved it.Do we have to use published dashboard for it?

Sheela by Level 5
  • 1 replies
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