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Problem with reading result

Hello I've got the problem with reading the result. Because I created a loop where I have an excel input file with dates, like you see I get into the InputCollection in Blueprism and it's fine to the moment of read result, because that is a circle ar...

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Problems in LoadTextFile

Hi everyone,I'm having trouble translating an .xlsx file into text using the LoadTextFile function. I also tried using the "Read All Text from File" task in the "File Management" object.What I get is 17753 characters but if I try to retrieve the "Cur...

API call with .PEM and .KEY file

Hi All,Using the HTTP load certificate I am able to pass my certificate and get the certification ID.When I call 3 rd party API URL using the certification ID. I am getting the following error. Error Message : {"errorCode":40005,"message":"No require...


Utility - HTTP Request Multipart File Size Limitations

I'm using the "HTTP Request Multipart" action in the latest version of the "Utility - HTTP" object downloadable from Digital Exchange. It works really well! However, I'm wondering if anyone knows the size limit of files passed in this action (using t...

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Resolved! Control Room

Hi folks,In the Control Room tutorial, I have to drag the process to the digital worker. In the App it shows my PC as the digital worker and is greyed out. In the tutorial video it shows the digital worker as BP0481 and is highlighted. I can't contin...

Problem with identyfing elements on the website

Hello everyone,I've got a problem with identifying attributes of elements on the website. I captured elements through the spy mode of Application Modeller. I have a problem with identifying attributes of Birthday and E-mail address. I want to create ...

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Basic 10 labs

I'm very new to Blue Prism and am working through the set of 10 labs designed to teach the basics of Blue Prism modeling and best practices. They often mention reading the notes before watching each lab, but I can't find these notes! Please will some...

How to right click on a html spied element

Hi,I am working on a project, where I want to perform right click using html spied element. When I use this element it only shows click, double click, hover... Where I don't have any option to pass right click on that. Can you help me out on this ? O...

Issue while Sharepoint API Coonectivity

I have to use Sharepoint API to perform Various operation on Sharepoint. I have already Imported release of API but Facing issue while Authentication/App Registration. If Anyone has done this Scenario. Please suggest how it can be done.Thanks in Adva...

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