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Use Outlook VBO with Alias E-Mail

Hello, I have the following problem. I have created a process that reads e-mail in Outlook and then processes it. Everything works fine so far. However, I was told at work that the relevant mailbox is not the main mailbox on the PC where the whole th...

bug with attach data modeler

hello! i just started my path with the learning license and when i click "attach" in data modeller the tool gets stuck evreytime i have to finalize blueprism from task administrator. version 7.3.1thanks in advanced!

Connect with Azure Queue from Blueprism Studio

Hello Community,We have recently come across use case where we want to automate process which involves fetching data from Azure Queue using Blueprism studioThere is direct connector available with PAD platform but never tried with Blueprism, please l...


Good day,I am trying to find the logging levels recorded in our database.Currently, I am investigating the BPASession table and the LoggingLevelsXml column. However, this column is always null in my database.I have set my logging levels to "Error onl...

doubt regarding opening of excel workbook

   I am a new learner of Blue Prism. I try to work in excel vbo. I create a process to read an excel workbook. While running the PROCESS an error message is shown in the ACTION to open the workbook. The error message is shown below:Internal : Could n...

Add "Timestamp" to PDF File

Hello, I have the following question \ problem. I would like to "fill" a PDF file with text, specifically I want to insert a timestamp in a PDF with the text "Received on Date + Time", whereby the text should be in red and with font size 14. Ideally ...

Password Recovery Issue

Hey Guys !!I am facing issue with Blue Prism Password recovery while using the Learning Edition. As I reset the password and after some time it does not work it is really frustrating I have all my Objects and Processes and now I am stuck here. It wou...

brana by Level 3
  • 6 replies

Cant open Excel WB // NameConflict

Hello together, currently i have a really annoying problem, that i cant fix by myself. I am working with Excelfiles from a shaerpoint and to work with them, i mapped the SharePoint to my Desktop. I copy the original File to a tempfolder, insert the ...


Cant save Attachement under specific name

Hello, I am currently trying to save all attachments of my unread emails in a folder. I am using the Outlook VBO and the action 'dd'. There I enter the filepath and the filename, unfortunately the whole thing doesn't work. Regardless of whether I sav...


Problems using "MS Outlook Email VBO"

Hello, I am currently integrating the "Outlook Email VBO" interface into my process in order to achieve the following.I have an email inbox in Outllok and want to save the relevant information from all unread emails with "Get Recieved Items (Basic)"....


Objects: Use Cases for 'Initialise' and 'Clean Up' Pages

This question really comes down to finding out how others are using the 'Initialise' and 'Clean Up' pages of their custom application Objects.  It has been a few years for us, and with the exception listed below, we almost always just leave these pag...

stepher by Level 6
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