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Resolved! Bot was unable to sent the output Report .

For my process,  Bot used to get the multiple inputs in a excel file thru shared mailbox and sent the output status report to the requestor. My concern is  "Bot processes input items and stores the output in a bot collection for each input item recei...

Chandu by Level 3
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Access Sharepoint properly

Hello together, the questions seems to be pretty basic but i try to access to a File from a sharepoint and i am getting a little bit desperate.As i know, there are 4 ways to access a Sharepoint. 1.) Work with the GUI, which is in my opinion really b...

Cant open Excel WB // NameConflict

Hello together, currently i have a really annoying problem, that i cant fix by myself. I am working with Excelfiles from a shaerpoint and to work with them, i mapped the SharePoint to my Desktop. I copy the original File to a tempfolder, insert the ...


How to work with browsers without extension

Hello, I have encountered an unusual situation, it turns out that I have to automate processes that interact with the edge browser but the client does not want to install the extension due to security policies. I have tried creating a modeler applica...

Resolved! Best way to read text reliably

I have a Win32 application that has a table with text in it.  One of the columns has what I will call the name I am looking for.  My current process can navigate the table, uses OCR (Tesseract) to read the name into a data item.  However, OCR might b...

Unable to Get the Required Columns from a collection

Hi Team, Good Day! I am trying to Get the Specific Columns data from a collection  For Ex  Col 1, Col 2, Col 3, Col 4    A  ,    B    ,     C    ,  D    C  ,    D   ,      F     ,  E Now I want to Get only the Col 2 And the Col 4 as a new Collection....

CPU Utilization of Blue Prism Process

Hi all, Is there a way to get the CPU utilization of processes report while it is running behind in Blueprism from all the run-time resources individually(each process)? Please provide any solutions if possible. Thanks and Regards,Vamsi M -----------...

How to send signed Envelop from Web API's

Hi Team, Using Web APIs, we need to send signed Documents to a specific Distribution List. For this, we got the envelope details to the collection and tried to send the signed document with the Email subject and envelope Id as parameters but we are u...


Wildcards within Environment Variables

Hi, hoping someone can help! I'm using EVs for the first time. My process needs to load a queue from a file which is added to a folder daily, then the file is removed from the folder.  The file changes each day, but the file name is the same except f...

Installation Learning Edition - Pipe not found

Hello,I just wanted to install the Blue Prism Learning Edition. I already installed Blue Prism and the server and chose a password for the admin login. Now it trys to install automate config and an error occurs. It says " Pipe with automateconfig-Nam...

Nicole by Level 2
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Resolved! Excel VBO - is Excel required on the system?

Hello - I have Blue Prism 7.1.2 running in my environment.  I have an automation that is using the Excel VBO to read in data from an Excel file and it stores this in a collection.  Our IT department is challenging me over a license for either Excel o...


how to download the license ------------------------------Bantu Lokesh------------------------------

Web APIs - DocuSign Application

Hello Team, I have configured web APIs in Blue prism. Now i want to update the value in one of my templates in DocuSign application. I am able to Get the templates details from application to blue prims but unable to update the value in template. I a...