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Problems using "MS Outlook Email VBO"

Level 3

Hello, I am currently integrating the "Outlook Email VBO" interface into my process in order to achieve the following.

I have an email inbox in Outllok and want to save the relevant information from all unread emails with "Get Recieved Items (Basic)". Based on this information from the collection created for this purpose, I then want to use "Save Attachments" to save the attachments of the filtered mails to a defined folder via a loop. The process looks like this.

But now I get this error message. "Internal : Could not run the object because one of the code stages has a compile error, use Check for Errors for a list of problems" What could be the reason? Possibly a missing .dll? I also reinstalled .NET, but that didn't help either.




Open the "Outlook Email VBO" and review each code stage for errors. Pay close attention to syntax errors, missing references, or incorrect logic. The "Outlook Email VBO" typically requires references(Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.dll) to certain .NET assemblies and make sure that the version of the .NET Framework installed on your machine is compatible with the "Outlook Email VBO".

Check for the common issues to look for in code stage:
Incorrect use of namespaces.
Missing using directives.
Incorrect method calls or parameters.
Logical errors in loops or conditional statements.

If above methods doesn't work try deleting the existing "Outlook Email VBO" and reinstalling it. Ensure you are using the latest version of the VBO from DX(MS Outlook VBO ).


Usually, it fails for problems accessing a folder.

Can you share the details of the failed action?

Most likely Microsoft outlook is updated and new Microsoft outlook doesnot support COM object
Please check below thread for reference

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Harish Mogulluri

If its a code compile error you can find out what the error is and where it is by opening the object and selecting errors. This should show you the code stage where the problem is and what the error is (screenshot below). I'm guessing though you may have recently installed blueprism? if so then you might be missing the microsoft interop dll file. Check your blueprism installation folder for the file Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.dll and if its missing you will need to add it to the installation folder.