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Use Outlook VBO with Alias E-Mail

Hello, I have the following problem. I have created a process that reads e-mail in Outlook and then processes it. Everything works fine so far. However, I was told at work that the relevant mailbox is not the main mailbox on the PC where the whole th...

ACE Training

Hi,I see BluePrism has create quotes ACE training process and objects which were developed in IE, would like to know if there are any sample processes with Edge for training purposes or some other content related to browser automation.thanks

Convert date

SpoilerHello Guys,I would like to convert date from the format 01.09.2024 for 01/09/2024. Date is saved in a date Item as a text and I wrote the expression in a Write Stage, but It still doesnt work. Maybe I wrote uncorrectly the expression. I used a...

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bug with attach data modeler

hello! i just started my path with the learning license and when i click "attach" in data modeller the tool gets stuck evreytime i have to finalize blueprism from task administrator. version 7.3.1thanks in advanced!

Connect with Azure Queue from Blueprism Studio

Hello Community,We have recently come across use case where we want to automate process which involves fetching data from Azure Queue using Blueprism studioThere is direct connector available with PAD platform but never tried with Blueprism, please l...

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