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Add the trigger based process run

Right now, BP does not have trigger-based run features, which are much needed in automation.This is something that can be added in the BP, as there is no native trigger-based mechanism. It is much needed and useful in many use cases where users don't...

KE/ST Steps do not appear in the work History

In Chorus when a user views the work items history the KE/ST steps in the workflow do not appear. This causes confusion for the user if they anticipated a step being done. It is also an audit concern because it is not a true history of everything don...

pblake by Level 3
  • 0 replies

Communications - Data Source Setup - Variables Length

Currently in AWD 20.3 the max length of a manually created variable is limited to 75 characters.  Client has need where they enter up to a 750 character variable text that they need to be included in letter. Within Communications - Data Source Setup,...

komoore by Staff
  • 2 replies

Easier transfer of credentials

It would be beneficial if we had the ability of exporting credentials from one version of BP such that they can be imported into a newer version of BP. Issues were experienced during our migration from V6.8 to V7.1 such that it was strongly advised f...

Schedules - mark severals schedules at once as retire/unretire

Hi, I'm working on BluePrism 6.10.5.I'm wondering it you could reconsider my new idea of un/retiring schedules in Control Room.Today, we need to one by one un/retire schedules. In case we need to perform  this action of many schedules it is frustrati...

EwaJ by Level 4
  • 6 replies

Custom Search Location

The Custom Search option for Processor Workspace is a very welcome enhancement.  However the Saved Searches show at bottom of a list and when large amount of Searches this makes Custom Searches less helpful than they should be (because need to screol...

Processor Workspace Card Docking

We have a mix of Users who either love or are overwhelmed by Processor Workspace (as compared to Classic Workspace).  Some of our Users find Cards ability to go anywhere and not have a permanent Docking (or Pinning) Spot (for each Card on Workspace) ...

Robust Rules Engine

As a user, I want to a rules engine that can: Can handle rules at scaleTech-savvy BA’s can partner with IT to author and maintain rules with min developer involvementSource control and change management to see what was changed and by who, and to test...

Automatically Populate Standard Comments

Many business procedures have standard comments that are copy pasted onto an item, and then modified as needed. To streamline the process, as a user, I want an option for AWD to populate standard comments for a given Business Area/Work Type combinati...

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