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Environment Neutral Version History IDs

Currently it can be challenging to match the active version of a process/object in the production environment with the version history item in the development environment that it was imported from. Please see the post "Cross Environment Version Contr...

Handing of attached emails in Email Capture

Email Capture should create a single MSG or EML source for an attached email with file attachments within a received email.  Email Capture currently creates an email body source for an attached email.  An attachment source is then created for each at...

awong_0-1721289935389.png awong_1-1721289935391.png awong_2-1721289935391.png
awong by Staff
  • 0 replies

Licence expiry alerting

Would be great to have an alerting for licence expiry or any changes to the allocation, either via the datagateway or an API.

arurva by Level 3
  • 6 replies

Object/Process Refresh

During implementation or debugging you are changing objects who saved automatically but to adopt those new changes you have to refresh the process. That is in some cases not good because of specific queue items. you often have to request new test cas...

CKOMORO by Level 5
  • 4 replies

Bring Blue Prism warning message into focus

When Blue Prism generates a message window (for example an error connecting to the server), the window does not automatically receive focus and sits behind the main BP window.Any attempt to interact with any other Blue Prism window is blocked and a w...

foehl by Level 6
  • 1 replies

Externalize Control Room Data

Provide a vault, website, or repository for Blue Prism users to access their Control Room data; process logs / logging, queue data, all session data.Currently, any "Controller" can access the Control Room and view all processes session logs. This pos...

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