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    When spying in IE mode the frames are shifted, although - IEexplorer is set to 100% zoom - Windows setting is set to 100%. - application modeler is set to "embedded/default" (it doesn't work with 64 bit either) Where is the mistake in the machine, as ...

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    Excel VBO Save Workbook As is not what it says - just new filename. To change file type you need custom action that lets you set file type, which should be available in extended VBO I guess. Either way, code would be something like this, with new input ...

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    Use the Get Files action in the File Management utility, you can supply a pattern string to match the files (in your case, it will be "*ENV*.xls,*ENV*.xlsx,*ENV*.xlsm" ). It will return a collection with the files names, which you can then iterate over ...

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    Hello, I started working through the Foundation training setup but when I double-clicked on "Load Queue" the process would not open. I can see that a window tries to open but then closes almost immediatley. I have attached a video that shows what happened. ...

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    The obvious feature Blueprism is missing here is an active queue that starts processes on it's resource pool when pending items appear in queue or when resources in pool become idle if they were all busy at that point. But I guess that might be against ...

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