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Here is a the best place to start your Blue Prism software journey. Check out our Playboard for our suggestions as you get going using our software, and ask any questions in the discussion.

This Global Community is intended to help new users get started with Blue Prism products & services. For more specific technical communities please visit this page.

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  • Being the community lead for New Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida I will love to invite you to check out our Blue Prism Local User Groups . Local User Group program empowers our customers and partners to organize and host local events and meet-ups, "led by ...

  • Do you want to get a single excel column? If so, you can use the MS Excel VBO action: 1st Get Worksheet as collection (Offset): to capture a certain range of information then in your case it would look like this: Meu arquivo tem 3 colunas: Column ...

  • Hello, Thank you for answering. I'm still trying to learn Blue Prism. From my understanding Filter finds anything that answers the Syntax and Filters it. Although I'm trying to find out how to take all the the Data in a Column. Where the first Row ...

  • Hmmm, In the machine in question would you have the office package installed? If it wouldn't be a good try @Jamuna T ------------------------------ Emerson Ferreira Sr Business Analyst Avanade Brasil +55081988869544 ------------------------------

  • Hello, you may be using the Filter action of the Collection Manipulation Object It would look basically like this "[Field Name] = 'Value Here'" if using parameters you can use "[Field Name] = '" & [Data Item & "'" This is for operators "[Field Name] ...

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  • Hello, Everyone. I just collected a series of data with rows and columns from an Excel File. But how do I filter it out? So I only have a collection with a specific column. Thank you! ------------------------------ JOHNREY GABARRA ----- ...

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