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    Use the Path of the file, and work with it using the MS Excel VBO :D ------------------------------ Daniel Sanhueza RPA Professional Developer Deloitte America/Santiago ------------------------------

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    Sorry there is no HTML flag required. You message could be sent as "Hi All, <br>This is Swati. <br> Please share report. <br> Send by 2pm. <br> <br> Regards, <br> Swati" Here <br> adds the line breaks ------------------------------ Shashank Kumar DX ...

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    Hi Swati, You can try this FormatDate(DateAdd(9, -3, Now()), "MM")=FormatDate(Now(), "MM") Note that equal to operator is used as it's a text comparison. ------------------------------ Shashank Kumar DX Integrations Partner Consultant Blue Prism Singapore ...

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    Hi Swati This is fairly straight forward and is a good thing to know as you'll probably use folders a lot in bot development. Using Utility - File management and the action "Directory exists" and set the directory to something like "C:\Folder path\"&FormatDate(Today(), ...

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    Hey all , Hope this post finds you well , can i request you to have a look at the link below .This is a blog based on my journey as an engineer to what I am today . Do give it a read in your free time.Your love and feedback will be appreciated . ...

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