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  • 1.  Convert Main page into Sub page

    Posted 10-12-2023 12:25
    How Can I Make My Main Page a Sub Page in Blue Prism Without Disrupting the Code?

    Sandesh T.
    RPA Developer


  • 2.  RE: Convert Main page into Sub page

    Posted 10-12-2023 13:38

    Hi Sandesh,

    I think, that this is not possible. A process will always start at the Main Page and you can from there call any other page. 

    Maybe there is another solution to your problem, if you can describe what you are trying to achieve?

    Usually it is also quite easy to copy stages that you have created on your Main Page to any other page - just keep in mind to take care of visibility/exposure of DataItems.

    Best regards

    Alexander Hollmann
    Efficiency Manager
    Raiffeisen Bank International

  • 3.  RE: Convert Main page into Sub page
    Best Answer

    Posted 10-12-2023 16:04

    Yeah since you can duplicate the main page but you can do ctrl+a on the main page copy everything and paste it to a new subpage.

    That way your whole code stays intact.

    If I was of assistance, please vote for it to be the "Best Answer".

    Thanks & Regards,
    Tejaskumar Darji -
    Technical Lead

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