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📢 In Case You Missed It - Checkout the latest Customer Updates for July 2022 📢

  • 1.  📢 In Case You Missed It - Checkout the latest Customer Updates for July 2022 📢

    Posted 07-07-2022 17:50
    Welcome to our July In Case You Missed It Community post. Each month we will bring you highlights from around the business to keep you in the know. You can expect Blue Prism University news, upcoming events and of course things you might have missed in the Community. Look out for these posts each month!

    Meet Manpreet Kaur who is the Community Member of the Month for June.

    On being a woman in RPA Manpreet says, "With time I have learned that for a woman to grow, her leadership and the workplace culture play a crucial role. In workplace that celebrates women, you will get limitless opportunities to set yourself ahead of others in a male dominated industry".

    Meet our customers, partners, and the Blue Prism DACH team in person!

    Find out how we support companies reach the next phase of digital transformation, increase agility, and achieve key business goals in a constantly changing world. Hear inspiring lectures on strategic topics, on topics like artificial intelligence, and how to leverage innovative products to reshape the future of business. This event will be in German.

    The winners of the Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards 2022 have been crowned on SS&C Blue Prism's YouTube Channel.The winners of this year's awards were selected by a panel of over 35 judges.

    The Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards celebrate the many ground-breaking successes our customers have achieved with their digital workforce in building the future of work. These awards showcase our customers' inspiring innovations, creative projects, and bold use of Blue Prism to transform their businesses and free their people to do what they do best.

    Meet the winners!

    We're delighted to announce the general availability of new capabilities aimed at helping you do more through intelligent automation, faster and smarter than before.

    Our latest portfolio launch includes Blue Prism Desktop.


    We have introduced the only desktop solution in the market to automate frequently run, high value and data-sensitive tasks that must run on a specific user's desktop, without sacrificing governance or compromising security. Blue Prism Desktop enables users to run centrally developed, validated, and automated processes, that can update multiple systems without comprising the integrity of data records, and can use individual, authorised user credentials and logins, compliantly and securely, to run processes whenever they are needed. And, because the mundane, repetitive and error prone tasks are automated, business users are empowered to collaborate in real-time with customers, leading to improved process speed and accuracy. And Blue Prism Desktop does all of this while ensuring the level of security, data governance and auditability, and workflows, required by regulated industries, already provided by Blue Prism Enterprise.

    Blue Prism Desktop provides the following benefits:

    • Enables full quality control, data governance, and auditability. .
    • Offers secure, scalable, easy-to-use, and simple-to-deploy desktop automation. .
    • Provides centrally managed and robust governance. .
    • Enables full employee support from digital counterparts. .

    Impact and business value:

    • Because the mundane, repetitive and error prone tasks are automated, business users are empowered to collaborate real-time with customers, leading to improved process speed and accuracy. And it does all of this while ensuring the level of security, data governance and auditability regulated industries and workflows require. .
    • Little upskilling and training needed for existing Blue Prism customers who have already invested in Blue Prism..
    • Greater ROI with a proven operating model, highest security, scalability and governance.
    Click here for Blue Prism Desktop documentation.


    We also have new releases for the following portfolio. A brief overview of what is new and how these releases can help you:

    • Blue Prism 7.1 including Hub Control Room 4.6: make it easier and faster to manage and scale a digital workforce
    • Blue Prism Interact 4.6: enable more productive experiences for business users, end users, and designers alike.
    • Blue Prism Decision 4.6: simplify implementation and reduce development time.
    • Blue Prism Capture 3.2: further increase the speed at which automations are built.
    • Blue Prism Process Intelligence 1.1: accelerating process discovery and scaling end-to-end automation .
    • Service Assist 2022.1: incorporating greater scalability of customer care interactions with less resources, enabling your contact center team to provide a richer, more effective customer experience.


    Blue Prism 7.1, including Hub Control Room 4.6:

      In keeping with the core objectives of Version 7, this release further enables existing customers to build a digital workforce that scales faster, is easier to manage, and accelerates their intelligent automation program. 

    Release highlights:

    • A single, unified view across all instances of Blue Prism Enterprise so organizations can monitor, control, and manage their entire digital workforce as one aggregated entity rather than segregated digital workforces dispersed across multiple environments and geographies. This improves control and management of the workforce overall, and enhances administration productivity and effectiveness. 
    • IE browser conversion so that organizations can convert existing automations running IE to other browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.  This gives organizations a smooth path to migrate their existing automations to a new browser with minimal disruption and without the need to redevelop from scratch to support.
    • Control Room REST API which enhances the ability to trigger and control automations.  For example, Digital Workers can now be triggered as part of a workflow by an external application such as ServiceNow, thereby providing an alternative approach to manual triggers within Control Room. 

    Hub and Authentication Server 4.6: 

    This release provides enhanced authentication through a Single Sign On (SSO) in additional to the ability to align AD Security Groups to Hub roles. This not only enhances the user experience by saving time and effort, but also improves security and makes administration easier. 

    Blue Prism Interact 4.6

    Blue Prism Interact is an easy-to-use, attended automation platform that harnesses the power of human + digital worker collaboration. Interact 4.6:  Release 4.6 focuses on improvements to the user experience, reducing bottlenecks and increasing capability and flexibility in the products. These improvements result in making the human to digital worker collaboration an easier, faster, smarter, and more productive experience for business users, end users, and designers alike.

    Release highlights:

    • Form submissions can now be assigned to a user role or group rather than a specific, named users. This helps address Human Augmented use-cases by improving work coverage, preventing delays, and reducing risk in situations which may otherwise be impacted when named users aren't available e.g. illness, vacation, or attrition. 
    • Faster, easier navigation for users and power users, including fewer clicks required in any interaction, and fewer steps required for high volume, high throughput submissions. This significantly optimizes the user journey, improves turnaround time and enhances the user experience.
    • Improved publishing so that Form Designers, rather than just Hub Administrators, can publish forms, helping to remove bottlenecks, reduce delays and improve responsiveness to business needs. 

    Blue Prism Decision 4.6:

    release 4.6. follows on from the first release of Decision in November 2021, providing further improvements to simplify implementation and further reduce development time, including:

    • Faster model development by enabling users to import and export models between environments rather than starting from scratch for each process. 
    • Searchable audit logs allow users to filter prediction history to find what they're looking for quicker.
    • Simpler implementation via Microsoft Installer (MSI), thereby providing organizations with an alternative should they not have Docker specific implementation knowledge.
    For more information, go to Blue Prism Decision release notes and other information

    Blue Prism Capture 3.2: We continue to make it easier for Process Analysts to produce critical automation assets such as Process Definition Documents (PDDs). This release reduces manual effort and process design time through improved process studio templates, enhanced process editing capabilities, and the much-requested support for common keyboard shortcuts.

    Release highlights: 

    • Reduce process design time through a more robust process studio template for developers
    • Increase clarity thanks to the ability to export Process Design Documents (PDDs) with zoomed-in process maps .
    • A smoother editing process to support refinements within and across individual process steps.
    • A better user experience via the support of keyboard shortcuts such as copy/paste.
      To access and download Blue Prism Capture

    Blue Prism Process Intelligence 1.1

    This release updates Blue Prism Process Intelligence Powered by ABBY Timeline. Blue Prism Process Intelligence 1.1 integrates advanced machine learning in process and task mining and process optimization to help organizations accelerate process discovery and scale end-to-end digital automation.

    Release highlights:

    • Expanded process and task mining and analysis: combines both process assessment and task mining for end-to-end view of every process, variations, deviations and bottlenecks.
    • Automation build export: creates and exports automation files, with reduced manual effort, for integration with Blue Prism Capture v 3.0 and later .
    • Unified 360-degree process monitoring across digital workforce, systems and people: Intelligent Automation and Machine Learning process monitoring to predict process outcomes and track SLAs.

    With BPPI, line of business and Centre of Excellence teams can accelerate end-to-end automation process discovery and optimization efforts across the organization:

    • Accelerate time to insight – Improved analytic productivity by industrializing process and task discovery and analysis across the enterprise. Speeding up discovery efforts from months or weeks to days, saving 80% time and effort.
    • Improved developer productivity - Automatically generate PDDs and automation skeletons from task level data, saving at least 30% on build time.
    • Optimize peak performance - 360o process visibility for problem detection, response automation, bottleneck prediction and ROI forecasting. Enables continuous improvement and mitigates risk from your automation build.
    • Easy to get started - No-risk Starter Package included with Support and available on a choice of cloud hosted or on-prem.
    Blue Prism Process Intelligence product documentation including release notes and installation guides can be found on BPDocs.

    Service Assist 2022.1

    Service Assist is a secure, scalable and unified contact center solution. Through Intelligent Automation, Service Assist enables your contact center team to increase speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction ratings. Service Assist 2022.1 updates Blue Prism Service Assist 2021.1 and makes it faster, more scalable, easier to build, and offers greater flexibility for a more personalized customer journey.

    Release highlights:

    • Improved insight and visibility across the entire customer journey and customer touchpoints including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), chatbots, voice recognition, web self-service, and contact center agents.
    • Simplified interactions between digital workers and contact center human teams with context and pre-fetched information and help tools.
    • Improved collaboration and interworking between digital workers to facilitate faster processing of customer interactions.
    • Ability to embed all Service Assist capabilities in other systems such as CRM and ERP applications, supporting bi-directional data exchange and the option to customize the interface for a better user experience.
    • Dynamic user interface for easier user role management.
    • Pre-built templates to speed up the delivery of complex customer journey scenarios.

    With Service Assist, Contact Center and Center of Excellence teams can accelerate positive outcomes for the contact center team and its customers:

    • Speed resolution – Automated call handling across advanced technologies and personalized coaching enables agents to resolve inquiries faster.
    • Simplify inquiry handling processes – Unified, intuitive user interface providing consolidated data, customer interaction journey and integration with digital workers.
    • Access and update customer data faster – 360-degree view of customer data stored across disparate systems. Automated integrations with CRM and ERP systems results in faster data updates and follow up work.
    • Increase competitiveness – Automation for CX transformation with Service Assist boosts your virtual communication channels with advanced Machine Learning assisted Intelligent Automation.
    • Plug-n-Play with over 100 pre-built connectors – Enhance workflows with AI/ML including speech analytics, next best action, sentiment analysis NLU/NLP and more, from the Digital Exchange

    More Information

    For full details on all enhancements provided with Service Assist 2022.1 see the release notes and here for further documentation.

    Please contact your local account manager for more information


    Charlotte Arrowsmith
    Global Customer Engagement Programs Manager
    Blue Prism

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