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  • 1.  Web API Services - Changing Bearer Token

    Posted 09-22-2023 06:38

    Hi facing issue in sending API Barer Token which I am getting another Web services. Where i need to input in next webservice . Can anyone help me on this. The bearer token is changing every time so how to do settings in Webservices

    Vikram Ramesh

  • 2.  RE: Web API Services - Changing Bearer Token

    Posted 09-22-2023 07:57

    Hello Vikram

    You will need to extract the token from the response from the first web service and include it in the request to the second web service.

    1. Send a request to the first web service to obtain the Bearer Token and capture the token.
    2. Make a request to the second web service (expected request)

    Note: The token's expiration can follow a period (seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc.), 


    Leonardo Soares
    RPA Developer Tech Leader
    Bridge Consulting

  • 3.  RE: Web API Services - Changing Bearer Token

    Posted 09-22-2023 14:14

    I am getting the token response from first service now while sending to send 2nd service it should be a bearer token if this token will expire for that i'll retry the first service and use it for second but the issue i am not able to send the token as bearer token for second. IT would be helpful how to configure by sending the screenshot

    Vikram Ramesh

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