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Mr. Patricio Lopez, Director - Enta Consulting

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With a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Magister in Corporate Finance, IBM trained me as a Systems Engineer too. Fluent in written and spoken English and Spanish, I speak Portuguese and have multi-lingual business experience (I`ve been working in USA, Brazil and Uruguay). I´ve been Corporate Sales & Mkt Director with P&L responsibility for all Large Accounts developments and commercial activities in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia; overseeing organizational mission, planning and objectives with proven sustainable development. My background includes several years association with Citibank, Teleperformance and 10 years with IBM, leading cross-functional teams across all countries to develop and rollout comprehensive plans. Specialties: Progressive leadership of Business Units. Sales Management. Senior Management experience, bringing a broad vision in Sales and Operations, Business Intelligence, Marketing and Customer Care.

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