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How to right click on a html spied element

Hi,I am working on a project, where I want to perform right click using html spied element. When I use this element it only shows click, double click, hover... Where I don't have any option to pass right click on that. Can you help me out on this ? O...

Excel VBO disables Add-ins

Excel Add-ins in general and SAP BO analysis in my case are always disabled when opening an excel file using Excel VBO actions (Create instance and open workbook). However, if I use start the Start process action from Environment object, the Add-ins ...

No Option to right click

Hi,I've recently upgraded to V7.3, I can't see any parameter as an input option in the navigate stage for a click event. I want to right-click on a link present in the web application. I just have a tracking ID in place. Earlier in V6 we have the fea...


Browser extension not detected after upgrade

Hello,Since we upgraded from v.6.10.1 to v.7.1.1 we are sometimes getting browser extension not detected errors in launch. We are running as administrator so shouldn't be any permissions problems and Blueprism.MessagingHost.exe is launched without pr...

Launch Process when email arrives

Has anybody worked on a process that is launched immediately when email arrives. Our current license only allows one resource to run at at a time, so it should check if there is one already running. If no is available it should wait for 15 mins and c...

Outlook VBO - Account Display Name error

Hello,Using the action 'Send Email' in MS Outlook VBO v10.2.2 on BP v6.8.3, I strike upon a peculiar error when using the "Account Display Name" parameter: Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Unable to fin...

Capita Academy

Good Morning all. We are potentially looking at developing a number of automations within the Capita Academy system (for Revenues and Benefits functions within local authority), and was wondering if anyone else had already developed automations using...

XML Invoices Processing

Hi All, I have a scenario. we have a set up where now we use different application to login into FTP, Download invoices which are in XML format. Separate invoices, basically prepare different XML's based on end customers. did anyone did this at bulk?...

Query on unsupervised BP environment

Hello team, I've got an BP environment where a couple of bots and processes are running daily, and the processes are stable and working reliably. What I want is to not have anyone sit and monitor bots daily since I know that processes are very stable...

Automate Oracle 19c using OLEDB or ODBC

Hi all,I am trying to execute a SQL query to get the count from Oracle DB. I have tried using Oracle MDA VBO for this, but it looks like it is compatible with Oracle 21c+ only. Thus, I have to look into other options.OLEDBConnection string: "(DESCRIP...

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Issues Implementing MS Graph Outlook VBO

We are attempting to implement the Microsoft Graph API for accessing a shared Outlook mailbox.  Currently, I am attempting to use the List Messages action, and am getting the following error message (have tested other actions with a similar error): {...

Listener not starting up invisible/hidden

Hello.I have an issue where my Listener (s) on all my Runtime Resources is starting up visible on the screen.Often this is blocking other programs that opens on the Runtime Resources.I have added the argument "/invisible" in the Task Scheduler that s...


Blue Prism Trial License

Hi, I am trying to register as a new user to access the Blue Prism trial license. From today morning I have been trying to register but the website always says try again later, the website encountered unexpected error. Can I understand the reason beh...

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