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I'm using Browser automation, using Edge and BP v7.1.1.If I use 'Get Attribute' and the Web Y attribute to get a Y-axis number value.Then use that Y-axis number value in the action: 'Global Mouse' Click Y to select the row.It clicks on a different ro...
This wasn't at all obvious to me so I thought worth mentioning: When using the VBO Command Prompt : Run BAT. File, it doesn't work if you step through it in debug mode.  You have to run the process using the Go button and take your hand off the mouse...
All I get is: "The parameter is incorrect" (see attachment) handle: [Boris] Workbook name: [Duplicates File] Worksheet name: "Sheet1" Range: "A1:C10" Column Indexes: "0,1,2"
I attach an Excel spreadsheet to my process completion output reports which has the details of the run taken from the queue.  The Excel spreadsheet is created by pulling Queue data into a Collection and then writing it to Excel.  It could have any nu...
".xlsx" works fine if I only want to filter for Excel attachments, but what if I also want my filter to include .pdf? Supplementary question, this seems like an obvious user question but I couldn't easily find the answer.  Where should I have looked...