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Blue Prism Resource PC Monitor Asset

Level 4

​I have downloaded the resource PC Monitor asset to check if a particular resource didn't have any issues to kick start the process. 

I have downloaded the Guide document and I felt like its difficult to follow the config set up part, where we should edit the config file by giving our resource IP, username and password. And also the email config file, 

I have just attached the screenshot of it. 

So my question is :

1) Want to make sure if this asset might work on the BP Cloud environment., since it is mandatory to update .NET version.
2) I see in config set up file, where we should give the resource password. I am not sure if it safe to use the password as part of the web address. In the instruction , I couldn't understand the part where it says -  the passwords are encrypted using AES encryption and access to the local machine would be required.
3)In bprpcemail json file, it is asking for smtpserver, senderemail, encrypted email password . I am not sure from where I can get those details. 

So I greatly appreciate if I could get some support in setting up the configuration. 


Hi Keerthana,

Firstly, thank you for using Blue Prism.

I will aim to answer your questions in order.

1. I have never tested the Resource PC Monitor with Blue Prism Cloud.
2. The application will send either emails or SMS messages to name recipients, if for any reason the resource Pc becomes stalled. A lot of the configuration is related to setting up access to a mail server, so that emails may be sent from a mail server that you or your organization control. There is an overall password and this acts as a key to enable the encryption/decryption of your mail server details. Without that password those values will remain encrypted and we are not able to assist in the recovery. When you add the details for your email server, the password isn't encrypted until you save those details. AES is an encyption algorithm that is currently regarded as secure. It also encypts the resource passwords for your Blue Prism digital worker estate.
3. These relate to a mail server that you or your organization control. It allows the application to send emails when a notification event occurs.

I hope this clarifies some of your questions. I am sure you will have more. Please respond and I will assist any way I can.


Geoff Hirst
DX Consultant EMEA
Geoff Hirst Senior DX Engineer - Digital Exchange - EMEA SS&C Blue Prism