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Status: Delivered


Hi Team,

While exploring the latest UI in the Blue Prism portal, I noticed a couple of  things in the community platform which are worth considering:

  1. Unlike the previous UI, there seems to be no option to filter unanswered questions.
  2. In the screenshot provided below, we can see visual indicators for views, comments, and likes. It would be beneficial to include an additional icon to signify whether a question has been answered or marked as the best answer.



Status changed to: Reviewed
Community Team
Community Team

Hi @harish.mogulluri!

Pleased to say we have now added a feed to the homepage to show you questions which have not yet received an answer. You can find it on the right hand side:


And you can also access it here: 

As for questions which have been answered, there is a green tick icon which is displayed once the author of the question has selected a Best Answer - you can see it in action on this post:




Let me know if this meets your needs, or if there is another approach you would like us to consider!

HI Michael,


Thanks for reviewing this, I have noticed It  was  added or already present after I submit the idea.

It meets what i described in the post

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Team
Community Team