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check if the Image exist or not ?

Level 3

Hallo Everyone,

I have spied a symbol (image) in Blue Prism, and I want to check if this symbol is present. If it is, continue the process; if it is not, go back. How do I do this?

thanks in Advance


Hi @Emad_95 

Can you provide more informations about how you spied this element ?

Which mode you used [Browser - Region ]

What type of application are tou dealing with ?


Level 3

Hii @Mohamad_747 ,

I used Region mode. First, I spied the whole window using the "Bereich-Modus" (Region mode), and then I spied the specific region. I'm dealing with SAP.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Emad_95 ,

As you said you have been using Region Mode, I just want to cross-verify the steps that you have performed once again. Spy the application window in Win32 mode as shown below:


Now, spy the specific region in Region mode. Please, ensure that when you spy the specific region within the application window, you keep the Grayscale to FalseColor Tolerance to 50 and Position as Anywhere under Region Location section as showed below:



Now, once done go to your Action page, use a navigate stage and inside that have two actions. The first action would be an Attach action that we need to use with application root element and then we need to use the Activate action with the Win32 spied element that you used while creating the application window element:



The above action will ensure that the application is attached and stays in the foreground screen which is a MUST for automating any surface automation use case.

Now, we can use a Wait stage with the image element that got spied using Region mode. This time just use the action Check Exists and this should check if the image which you have used in the Region mode matches with this region or not:


If the Wait stage times out, add an exception state and that is how you can check if your spied image is available or not.





Hope this helps you out and if so, please mark the current thread as the 'Answer', so others can refer to the same for reference in future.
Devneet Mohanty,
SS&C Blueprism Community MVP 2024,
Automation Architect,
Wonderbotz India Pvt. Ltd.

Hii @devneetmohanty07 ,
Thank you very much for your Time and the detailed explanation.

Level 3

Hii @devneetmohanty07 ,
Unfortunately, this method didn't work. Could you please provide me with another solution for this problem?
thanks in Advance!!