Enterprise RPA : Ensuring YOUR digital workforce succeeds!

By Vinay Shetty posted 08-27-2019 00:40


What sets apart a Blue Prism Digital Worker:

It is a multi-skilled, 24/7 available , process agnostic, automation platform that can operate across multiple business areas & geographies . All this while being managed from a centralized command and control center. 


To Create a large scale digital workforce that transforms the organization and provides a seamless bi-directional flow of work between the human and digital workers . 


Key to Success:

Based on experience gathered over a decade we have unlocked the key to success for the digital workforce - The ROM - Robotic Operating Model 

 Looks like too much to soak in? Not to worry, it's a journey that evolves as an organization undergoes one of it's largest transformation yet. 

In Simpler terms an organization should create an operating model which integrates into the existing one that touches upon People, Process & Technology.



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