Happy 1st Birthday to Blue Prism University!


One year ago, in September 2019, Blue Prism University was born. I remember the moment we pushed the ON button and published the promotional videos for Blue Prism University, Academia Program, Blue Prism Training Partner program. I also recall my first post in the newly created learning community welcoming you all to learn and expand your RPA and Blue Prism knowledge by utilizing the training content created for you.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

Blue Prism University started as a passion project – passion for learning and teaching, for sharing with the world and doing good, for giving and creating opportunities. And, every story has a once upon a time.  Before the fancy name given a year ago, the original creators had laid the foundation, making the rise of Blue Prism University easier for the new team. As we celebrate today, we express our gratitude to the founders who created the first version of Foundation training and the legendary Autonomous Training Kit (aka ATK), as well as the first versions of certification exams via ClassMarker, and so much more – we ought to remember those times and say THANK YOU!

We have a clear vision and mission to offer our customers, partners, colleagues, and you—our loyal community—the opportunity, resources, and support to elevate success and create the greatest, most innovative, authentic, inspiring RPA training content on the planet. No small feat I know, but one made easier by an extraordinary team bringing together like-minded, passionate thought leaders, instructional designers, curriculum developers, makers and innovators from all over the world. This team worked together to deliver inspiration and leadership, and to push you to keep asking the questions ‘why?’ and ‘how?’, and to demand we ‘show’ more and more.

The Blue Prism University team’s continuous efforts to update and create new learning content enables us to now look back with pride at what we have achieved:

  • 180,000+ Registered learners
  • 1,000,000+ Course enrollments
  • 18,000+ Certified individuals
  • Over 230 FREE Training courses with an average course survey being over 90% positive
  • FREE learning content provided in 7 Languages
  • 24/7 Availability
  • 80+ Universities in Academia Program with a growing network of followers on LinkedIn

“Nobody said it would be easy, but nothing worth having ever is.”

It has been so fulfilling watching the team and program grow! There were a lot of lessons learnt during the past year that we can pass on to you, our loyal community members and learners:

  • Develop a clear vision and identify the team's drivers. This was our first high-profile project, we were all fully invested (and by fully, I mean we gave it our all!) in making sure the project had an impact and would showcase the ability of our team and the value it adds to our company and to you all—that’s what kept us going.
  • Leverage the strengths of broader team. This project wouldn't have been possible without enlisting the help of everyone at Blue Prism and our Authorised Training Partners. It was important to get everyone on board and to help everyone understand the importance of the contributions they were making.
  • It is important to set the right expectations – a good plan today is better than a perfect one tomorrow. Keep a laser-like focus on getting things done, be about actions, not distractions.
  • Be patient - in the words of Arnold H. Glasow, “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”
  • Celebrate small wins! We have a new update on the course – let’s celebrate! We updated our exam question bank – let’s celebrate! We responded to a community post and helped someone move forward with learning – let’s celebrate!
  • Keep pushing forward – we change, we grow, and we need to let you know about it. We have a responsibility to look after you and your needs, and we must be there for you every day.

We are about to take it one step further! As we look out on the horizon of possibilities, we will soon be launching new learning programs. I am so excited for what the future holds for Blue Prism University. Both the team and I stand in eager anticipation of future accomplishments and we look forward to your feedback and engagement.

Blue Prism University is changing the world and I am very honoured to be a part of this team that is helping people around the world. My sincere thanks to all of you for connecting with Blue Prism University and our community you’re a part of our team and we look forward to continuing to walk the journey with you.

Now, for some fun! We want to celebrate with you by giving away prize packs to lucky winners. Here is how you enter the prize giveaway:

  1. Enroll and complete one of the following training courses - Blue Prism Foundation Training or Robotic Operating Model (Course Version 2), AND
  2. Take a picture with the training completion/participation certificate and post it on the Blue Prism University community post #BPUBday Prize Giveaway with the hashtag #BPUBday between 30th September and 23rd October by 11:59pm EST (“Entry Period”). For your convenience, training certificates of completion and participation are available free of charge at Blue Prism University LMS (https://portal.blueprism.com/university ). Entrants are limited to one entry during the Entry Period and are expected to start and complete the learning within the Entry Period. Learning and/or course completions that started outside of the Entry Period will not be considered.

Official Rules apply - read more here

Ready, Steady, GO! Happy Learning!