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ROOP KIRAN BEVARA, Senior Software Engineer

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Overall 5.5 Years of Rich IT industry Experience & Part of 6 Big Projects. Worked as Senior RPA developer for clients in Banking, Health care & Insurance domains on Blue Prism V5.0, V6.5, V6.10 & Ui Path V2018.4. My roles and responsibilities include Process analysis, information gathering from business users/ SME, Solution Designing, Creation of PDD and SDD documents, development of BOT using with adherence to client coding standards, Unit testing of code, Process demonstration to Client SME & BA. Worked on simple to complex Blue Prism & Ui Path projects involving Web, Java, SAP, Oracle, Windows based automations. Certified in Top 3 RPA Tools. Blue Prism(AD01 & ASD01)✓ Ui Path✓ AA✓

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