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🌐 In more than 20 years, I have built-up a solid experience around various integration projects (data & applications). I have, indeed, worked in nine different companies and successively adopted the vision of the service provider, the customer and the software editor. 📈 These experiences 💡naturally led me to be involved in large-scale projects around the digitalization of business processes, mainly in such sectors like insurance and finance. Really passionate about AI 🧠(Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning), I joined Blue Prism in 2019 as a pre-sales solution consultant, then move to AI Analyst to be now EMEA Technology Alliance Technical Director. This is definitely a great place where I can combine my subject matter skills with automation to help my customers in automating complex business processes in a more efficient way. In parallel with my professional activity, I run a lot (marathon & Half-Marathon) and also do a blog aimed at showing how to understand and analyze data as simply as possible: Did i said i'm also currently writing a book 📚? Learning, convincing by the arguments and passing on my knowledge could be my caracteristic triptych.

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