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Atyant Srivastava, Deputy General Manager

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Working as a Deputy General Manager in Tata Motors. Handling the RPA Coe within TML Business Service Limited. The role is to apply Automation within tata motors and other tata subsidiaries. Maintaining Revenue for the Automation projects and identifying automation opportunities and working towards the automation strategies is the Key performance Area. This role includes architecting the RPA solutions and managing an RPA team that includes Technical architects, Tech Leads, BA, Testers, and Developers. Having extensive expertise in Robotics Process Automation using Blue Prism technology. Good exposure to technologies like C#, SQL, WCF, WPF, MVC, MVVM, Entity Framework, API development, and integration. Good Exposure to AWS and Azure cloud solutions. Worked in different domains which include Automobile, Banking, HR & Payroll, Finance, and eCommerce.

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