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 API is OAUTH based which has client id and client secret. how to pass token to action

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Karishma Dalal posted 03-24-2023 15:19
We are trying to incorporate a API in Blue prism, the the API is OAUTH based which has client id and client secret and returns and access token which is then passed to the post call. 
I have ben able to test the API successfully from PostMan, however am not able to get any documentation related to how the token is passed on to API via Blue prism. I have been through the below link with no success : 
I have manged to set the credentials as per the above link. 
Please guide ASAP as its an urgent requirement from client for an automation. 
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Eric Wilson

@Karishma Dalal

Is this an internal REST API or something from a public service like Microsoft Graph? Can you share some screenshots of the configuration of your Web API definition? Are you using a Blue Prism credential, defined in Credential Manager, and the Common Authentication setting of the Web API, or are you passing your credential detaails in manually and getting the auth token back as output?