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Status: Not Planned

Hi Team,

Currently on the profile page of our Blue Prism community account, we get a summary section where we can see our total contributions, recommends, replies to post and so on but we do not have any option to view the best answers count that we have received till date.

As a contributor in the community, I feel like getting the view on this parameter is the most important statistics out of all so that we can analyze our strong areas and weak areas accordingly and try to work on them accordingly.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Devneet,

Thanks for sharing your idea to make the community experience better. We believe this is a great idea but unfortunately it won't be possible to implement with our internal resources and it's not on our platforms roadmap either.

We do review ideas that aren't planned from time to time so this could be something we'll explore again in the future. 

Many thanks,