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Status: New

I have noticed several posts within the community where valuable responses to inquiries have been provided, yet the the author didn't mark them as resolved. In some cases, the authors even acknowledged the effectiveness of the suggestions provided.

Given that the community serves as a repository of knowledge, it would greatly benefit from a system where posts with satisfactory solutions are appropriately marked. This not only enhances the usability of the platform but also fosters a culture of contribution and recognition.

To address this, I propose implementing a friendly reminder feature that prompts authors to acknowledge whether they have received assistance. This reminder could include an option for users to opt out with a checkbox labeled 'Do not ask me again.' Additionally, setting a defined date threshold for sending these reminders could help ensure timely updates to posts, either by marking the best answer or by sharing any workaround the author may have discovered.

Let me know if this is already implemented or the idea has been proposed, I havent made a post in a while.