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Level 12
Status: Reviewed

As a Process Controller (PC) would be surfing these Ideation pages, I can imagine it would be hard to find if an idea you've got to improve on the Control Room functionality is already out there. Searching doesn't help either as you may have found out.
The closest a PC would come to ideas covering their area of expertise would be by selecting category 'Blue Prism Product' and still that would show an abundance of proposals for other areas within BP rather than only the Control Room.

Wouldn't it be nice to have either some more categories to choose from, or under categories for each chosen category?

Instead of 'Blue Prism Product' we could have:

  • Blue prism - Studio
  • Blue Prism - Editor
  • Blue Prism - Control Room

The same is valid for idea proposals for the community pages that could instead be specified as:

  • Community
  • Community - Ideation

The above perhaps could perhaps even be combined with my earlier proposal on selecting your choice of categories on your profile and then get your choice back every time you are on the Ideation pages.?

Level 12
Community Team
Community Team

Hi Paul, thank you for sharing your idea, we think there could be better categorisation for our products so I've marked your idea as reviewed for now while we investigate it further with all relevant stakeholders. 

Thanks again,