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BP Version-7.2.1 Start Stage and End Stages of process studio has same parameters

Level 2
I'm new to Blue Prism product, I recently downloaded Blue Prism learning edition latest version 7.2.1 and while I was practicing, I noticed that
On process studio the End Stage properties window is the same as the Start stage Property window, I mean to say I'm not able to pass output parameters to the END Stage instead of "Get value from" I see "Store In".
Attaching screenshot for reference

Ajay Sathuvai

Level 10


From what I understand, you are trying to leave a value from the process, correct?

Click in Add:


  • 1. Enter a name – The name that you enter identifies the end stage, it will be displayed on the process diagram.
  • 2. Enter a description – The additional description field allows a lengthier narrative to be entered.
  • 3. Datatype - Data item type
  • 4 Enter outputs – Outputs of the process are specified here. These relate to parameters that are passed out of the process when the process is run. To add a parameter simply click the grid below the name column to add a name to the parameter. choose a datatype below the data type column. Finally select a data item to store the input parameter in by dragging a data item from the data explorer and dropping it into the value column.
  • 5. Confirm operation


Adds parameters to the process that is calling the sub-process. Exemple:



Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil

Hey Leonardo,

  I'm not trying to pass input parameter. I'm trying pass output parameter. I have a main page and a Subpage. I would like to pass the value in the data item on subpage back to Data Item on the Main page.

 In that process when I open the subpage End properties window, I must get value from the data item, I assume END property window must have a header called "Get Value from" and later when I open Page reference property window I must go to Outputs-->Store value in.

I hope I made sense this time 🙂

Ajay Sathuvai

Level 2

I have the same issue here nowhere to find a solution till now

Ajay you're right that it doesn't really make sense to use the term Store In in the End stage properties and something like Get Value From would be better. I'll raise this observation with the product team. In the meantime, just do this:



It's a mistake Ajay. You can see in this old screenshot the column used to have a better name.