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Calculating Total Work Time per Action for Power BI


I'm currently working on a Power BI dashboard using data from Blue Prism to assess the performance of the processes we automate. 

Of course I'm able to get the total amount of worktime per item from the BPAWorkQueueItem table, but is there any way to get this data more granular? For example, an item took 30 seconds to process and processing that item involves launching an application, logging in etc., is there a way to see how much of that 30 seconds was spent on each action? I assume it would involve linking tables but I'm not sure which ones

Alternatively, if there is no way to build this, are there other metrics around actions that people find useful please leave your suggestions.



There are options but none straightforward. The BPASessionLog table might contain the timestamps you're looking for - it depends on whether the process was configured to generate logs. If there are logs, then it's likely the table will contain a lot of other unwanted data, and sorting the 'wheat from the chaff' won't be easy - you don't want to strangle your database by running expensive MI queries.

Another way is to design the process so that it captures it's own timestamps within it's data collection. That will will put the information in BPAWorkQueueItem, but it will need to be extracted from the XML of the Item data field, which again will take some effort to figure out.

Lastly, DataGateways can enable a running process to send real-time data to some external destination. However that requires you to modify your processes by adding 'send data' actions at key points.