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Excel missing add-ins ribbon

Level 2

Hi all, 

When I open Excel manually I have Add-ins available, but when I open an Excel file through MS Excel VBO, Add-ins are not enabled. How can I have Add-ins enabled in Blue Prism when opening an Excel file, please?

Thank you!



Hi Marco,

Some clarifying questions:


When you open Excel via Blue Prism, how exactly are you performing this action? For example, via a launch action, an open workbook action, etc.? If the open workbook action is not displaying the add-ins, does launching Excel via Blue Prism (i.e. without an Excel file being opened) display the add-ins?

Also, when Excel is launched via Blue Prism, are you noticing the file is opened in read-only mode?

Level 2

Hi Steven,

I open Excel via Business Object "MS Excel VBO" and Action "Open Workbook".

If I open Excel via Blue Prism without opening a file (MS Excel VBO Create instance + Show) it also do not display the add ins.

It does not open as read-only mode as I manipulate the file without any issues.

The add ins are displayed if I open excel out of Blue Prism.