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Global Send Key Events Documentation - What are the right Key Codes?


I don't know if I'm reading this wrong, but here below is a screen capture from the Blue Prism documentation page on Global Send Key Events. I have been wrestling with a situation where I have been able to send commands to a terminal window using Windows Key Press , but I'm unable to send a windows key such as ENTER after I type the main command.   Looking up the documentation on this page here, I see that the examples for Global Send Key Events use key codes that are all in upper case, but if we scroll down and look at the key code listings, not all codes are listed as upper case. 

Example: ALT is listed as Alt. You can see several codes like this with such discrepancies.

Similarly, the example uses {CTRL}, but the code for control is listed as Control

Regardless, I have not been able to send window key strokes such as ENTER to the window despite using all type of combinations such as "{ENTER"}, "{Enter}", or "~" by following this documentation.  And neither does Send Keys works. 

The fact that I am able to send "dir" after activating the window tells me that the keystrokes are getting to the target window, but I'm unable to follow that up with an ENTER stroke to complete the command.

Regardless, is this documentation below correct? Am I supposed to be using the keys from Colum 1 instead of Column 2? Because I see ALT, CTRL, etc are listed in all upper case in Column 1.

Is there any other pattern I must use to send Window keys to the window? 




Prashanth (Andy) Menon

Subsequent to my initial post, I found a solution but it defies my understanding. 
I have to call Click Window Center in the following order:

  1. Launch Window
  2. Click Window Center
  3. Windows Key Press > to type the command
  4. Click Window Center (again!)  This worked only once! Used Global Mouse Click Center instead.
  5. Global Mouse Click Center
  6. Global Send Key Event for "{ENTER}" 

    With this additional step, I'm able to see the command through to completion although I do not understand why I need to repeat the Click Window Center twice. Could it be the window loses focus once the Windows Key Press is executed?

Prashanth (Andy) Menon