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How to extract email distribution list membership/s for a specific user

Level 4

I require a code solution to extract the email distribution list membership/s for a specific user/email address in outlook.

Or to extract a list of members for a specific distribution list.

So I can identify which DL (of 4 specific DL/s) the user is a member of.

Any help is appreciated.



Hi Derek,

If your group has any KS Hours, I would love to show you a demo. But you can start here, Export Distribution List Members to CSV using Powershell (

I would use the PS VBO on the DX to write a script to pull the list into csv format. Read that list in Blue Prism into a collection. One thing to consider, running certain PS commands takes specific modules to be downloaded first. In this case, it's the AD module. In order to download this, you need to be an administrator in PS and have special permissions which could be a ticket to IT. Furthermore, if you get this working, and are going to run it with the DW, the account you use to log into that machine needs those same permissions. Let me know if you have any questions.


Christopher Potvin
Senior RPA Developer
SS&C Blue Prism