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ServiceNow Integration - authentication error

Level 3

I try to integrate Blue Prism with Servicenow by using the skill available on DX but have an authentication problem. I set up the credential as a type Basic Authentication (username indicated as DOMAIN\USERNAME) and can invoke the API through Chome by using the credentials. However using action in a BP process throws an error.

Do you have an idea what should be checked to correct this error?

The error:
Internal : Unexpected error Error during Web API HTTP Request
HTTP Status Code: 401
HTTP Response Content: {"error":{"detail":"Required to provide Auth information","message":"User Not Authenticated"},"status":"failure"}

Kind regards,

Level 2
If you're authenticating with Domain Credentials (implied by your username format of DOMAIN\USERNAME), you're going to need to have your ServiceNow admin create you a ServiceAccount specific for Blue Prism, which allows you to login through the ServiceNow API's using Basic Auth.

With Domain Credentials, you're using Single-Sign-On (SSO) to access ServiceNow, which integrates your IT's user directory (usually Active Directory) to act on behalf of ServiceNow's authentication, using a protocol likely to be SAML. 

For Basic Auth, you need the admin create a Username and Password stored within ServiceNow, and can login with this account via https://[Your ServiceNow Instance URL]/