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Work Queue Lastupdated time not in sync

Level 2

I wanted to fetch the "Last updated" time from the queue. For the same I went into Blueprism DB. There is a table named "BPAWorkQueueItem" which has a column named "lastupdated". But this is not showing the exact time as it is there in the workqueue.
If you refer the images attached, you can clearly see that the locked item in the queue has "Last updated" ="18-04-2024 15:09:01", but in the BP table "BPAWorkQueueItem" the same value is not available.

How can something reflect in BP tool and missing from DB. Please suggest if I am doing something wrong, or this is some issue with the tool.


@ewilson @EmersonF Please help me get the solution. 



I suspect for pending items 'Last Updated' in the UI is the same as 'Created' and taken from 'BPASWorkQueueItem.loaded'.

This guide is useful for understanding how dates are handled. 

Level 2

When the last updated time of a work queue is out of sync, it can indicate synchronization issues between systems or processes. To address this, HughesNet Internet ensure that all systems involved are properly synchronized with the correct time. Additionally, review any synchronization mechanisms or integration points to identify potential causes of discrepancies and implement measures to ensure timely and accurate updates across all systems involved.