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application hanging when opening any stage properties in a process

Hi all,

have a local install of Blue Prism for a trainee and they are encountering an issue where the system lags out completely into being unresponsive for about 4 minutes before opening the stage properties in question. Really unsure whats happening to cause the lag and looking for any guidance on what to try next to debug the issue.

Here is the current setup:
SQL server express (default install 2019 version)
bp v 6.10.5
windows 11

current attempts at fixing

reinstall SQL server
make a new database
restart SQL service
reinstall blue prism
make new blue prism process/ object (issue replicates in both)
restart pc
turn anti virus off/ uninstall anti virus
turn windows defender off
change priority on CPU level for executing on automate.exe and sqlserver.exe
its a local install so i haven't explored app server setup (don't think that would be the issue anyway)

anyone got any ideas what else i could check on this?

to reiterate current steps on issue and highlight anything of note

  1. user launches blue prism (no issue no time delay)
  2. user logs in (no issue no time delay)
  3. bp opens up (no issue no time delay)
  4. navigate to process studio (no issue or time delay)
  5. open a process (no issue or time delay, reasonably instant)
  6. add new stage on to the diagram (no issue or time delay)
  7. right click - > properties or double click start stage of process. 4 minutes waiting for start stage to open. always opens without fail after 4 minutes


Hi Dexter

Thank you for contacting the Blue Prism community.

Can you please provide what exact version of Windows 11 and the build you use?

Can you please provide what .Net version you use in that Windows 11?

Hossein Azimi
Customer Support Engineer, APAC
Blue Prism
Sydney NSW