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Application Modeller Consolidation Exercise Foundation course

Level 2

Hi all,


I'm currently doing the Consolidation Exercise on the Foundation Course and am getting stuck due to an application modeller error.

I have the modeller connected to Centrix Data Solutions, and all of my action pages are in one Object. They are all connected to this modeller and have worked previously.

However, now that i am running these actions through Process studio, even though they should all be on the same app model, it stops at Order Confirmation and Home Button. 

When i review the application modeller, it cannot spy the current Centrix Data Solutions that is running and is asking me to launch a new version. 


How can this be when the app is already running and the previous items in the Object are connected?




Bethan O'Reilly


Hi Bethan

Thank you for contacting Blue Prism community support.

Please provide the error message snapshot you get when executing the code and the code you created (Process and Object). I will look at it and will give some advice.

Best regards
Hossein Azimi (APJ Customer Support Team)


Level 4


When an application is launched from process studio by calling your object - So now the application is launched and attached to your object in runtime.

Before refresh or reset, if you are trying to open the object seperately, it will ask you to launch again as the runtime object is already attached to application. So you may create an action to attach to already running instance of an app.

In BP, if you launch it from object it atuomatically attached to it. if you are trying to attach to a already running instance of an app then you need to create an action to attach.

Hope this helps

Please provide more info of ur issue in case different understanding

Thanks for your replies. 

My process seems to go through one data item in full now after adding Attach pages to each object action. However after one run through, it seems to detach at the input order stage. See below for screen captures.

Failed to perform step 1 in Write Stage 'Product Code' on page 'Input Order' - Unable to match any windows with the query terms.


And when i review the Application modeller from this to see why it has detached - it requires me to identify again.


It seems as the windows are not empty - it detaches from them or cannot attach to them properly?




This is related to your element that you have spied previously, to resolve this please fine tune your attributes selected to identify the element(Applies to all the elements where you face "Unable to match any windows with the query terms"). How to do this, please follow below approach,

Create another element with name as test and spy the same element with same spying mode you have used previously. now select the same attributes you have selected for the element(Lets say for Product code). Now verify the values of your previous element and new one, in case if there are any change in values of the selected attributes of the element product code, then you may need to change it accordingly.

Regarding you second query - Application modeeler in detached mode

As i metnioned earlier, when you open a object it will show only Launch in app modeller when the object is created with Launch application via path instead Attach to already running instance.

So you have two options,

1. Break down your object into 2

A - Only basic action like Launch, Login, logout, terminate as applicable. Here when you configure the app modeller, select the option "Launched from executable file"

B - Here when you configure the app modeller, select the option "Which is already running"Keep the action related to you process. So this helps you to get the Attach option when you open the app modeller.

Please find the screenshot for a browser based app object application modeller config for your reference



2. This is simplest way, when you open your App modeller it will show only Launch, so go to you action and run only Attach page and then open the app modeller then you will be able to spy the element as it is attached.

Also please go through the best practices for object creation in blue prism, will help you build solid objects with high standards.

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