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Blue Prism liscence

Level 3

Hello Community,

I had a trial version of BP installed in my local system, I cannot login to the environment now, probably the license expired. I want complete my certification, please help me. 

Best regards



Level 3

Trial | Blue Prism Portal you need to log into the portal and re-download the BP (the orange button), they will send you an email with the new trial license attached. 

Hope this helps!

Level 3

Hey Liz,

Thank you for the reply

I have tried downloading the trial version and the learning version, but after the installation comes the login page. I have entered the credentials i used before, but i am getting an error window saying, "Username or password incorrect". I am not able to login to my environment at all, even though the password is correct since my old trial version expired 😞


Level 3

Hello Community,

My issue is solved.  I wanted just to access the BP environment, I have uninstalled the BP in my computer, but just uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't remove the SQL database you are connecting too, you need to completely uninstall and remove everything.  You may loose any progress you have made. If you can reset your password using SQL script then you do not need to do this.

I am providing the link i followed: Uninstall (

If you want to reset the PW using SQL Script then you can use this script:   

UPDATE BPAPassword set



where userid=(select userid from BPAUser where username=‘admin’)

and active=1; — reset the admin password to ‘admin’