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❓FAQ Friday❓

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Happy Friday All 😊


Did you know we have an FAQ page, located on our Blue Prism university website dedicated to answering all your questions?!

Here's a few examples of some of our most frequently asked questions.


Why has Blue Prism introduced the Associate Developer Learning Plan and Certification exam?

  • Blue Prism University identified the need to provide users with a working knowledge of the Blue Prism Enterprise application, so users may start their RPA career, without having hands-on experience within a company.

What is the difference between Associate Developer & Developer?

  • The Blue Prism Associate Developer (ASDEV01) focuses on the essential skills and knowledge required to configure simple Blue Prism process automation solutions. It is intended for entry level users who wish to learn about the Blue Prism process automation. An optional Certification exam is available for the Associate Developer.

  • The Blue Prism Developer (AD01) is intended for users who have completed the Associate Developer training and are gaining hands-on practical experience in delivering quality Blue Prism process automation solutions, with the support of a Lead or Senior Certified Developer. The Learning Path provides additional training to introduce new concepts and best practices which are key to achieving success in an enterprise RPA program.

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Blue Prism University

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Beth Pennington
Blue Prism

Level 8

Thanks for sharing @Beth Pennington . It's good to know the difference for the freshers who are new to the tool and are planning to start their RPA journey with blueprism


Manpreet Kaur
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