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Foundation Training Setup - issue with Load Queue Process step

Level 3

I have started the Foundation training and have found an issue with step 5 'Load Work Queue Data'.
What should happen is below but this is not happening for me.
My issue looks similar to this issue.
 If I select 'Run as administrator' when opening BP this doesn't make a difference.
If I try to set the properties for the BP shortcut via 'Advanced' I cannot select 'Run as administrator'
If I look at the properties of the .msi file used for installation I cannot select 'Run as administrator' under the 'Compatability' tab.

What do I need to do to be able to run BluePrism as an administrator?


Philip Jarvis

Hello Philip, 

Apologies for tin inconvenience. The issue you linked seemed to be resolved via an uninstallation/reinstallation of BP. Namely
'I had to uninstall BP, enable admin using cmd, request a new licence, download and start fresh.' 

Are you able to try that?

Shiyanbade Animashaun
Senior Product Consultant
Blue Prism
United States/Boston