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šŸ“£Introducing ROM2 Operations Learning Plan: Boost Your Live Automation Management!


Designed to empower organizations and individuals alike, this comprehensive plan focuses on embedding best practices to achieve a smooth production process with efficient planning and control of live automations.


Why ROM2 Matters: ROM2 can be used to implement Intelligent Automation in a scalable and effective way, delivering transformational business value to your organization. At Blue Prism University, we are committed to shaping the future of work with the automation leaders of tomorrow.

Courses Included:


  1. Deploy & Release Automations: Ensure seamless deployment of automation processes with our comprehensive checklist.


  1. Effective Change Control: Develop robust strategies for managing changes in live automated processes.


  1. Workforce Management & Optimization: Unlock the full potential of your digital workforce through efficient management and optimization.


  1. Recovery & Continuity Planning: Establish disaster recovery and business continuity plans for resilient operations.


  1. Benefits Realization & Validation: Measure and validate the benefits of intelligent automation projects.


  1. Building Your Support Model: Implement a support model for maintaining optimal performance of live automations.


šŸš€ Elevate your automation strategy and revolutionize your operational landscape with the ROM2 Operations Learning Plan. šŸš€


Enroll here to shape the future of automation leadership!

Brenda Weschke Educations Services Operations Specialist BluePrism