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ROM Architect Exam - ROM ARA01 -ending December 31,2020 -action required


Time is running out to take the ARA01 as it will be archived on December 31, 2020.

Blue Prism University is updating the ROM Architect Exam

With the latest changes to the ROM training course, we are replacing the existing ARA01 exam with a new version which will have a code ARA02. Both exams will be available during a transition time.

Exam Availability

  • ROM ARA01 Exam - Available until end of 2020Schedule and take your ARA01 exam until 31-Dec-20 via your Pearson VUE account. New exam registrations can be submitted, and all ARA01 exams can be taken until 31-Dec-20 – this includes exam reschedules and exam retakes.
  • ROM ARA02 Exam – Available now - Log on to your Pearson VUE account to schedule your ROM ARA02 exam.


  1. Have you already scheduled your ARA01 exam or are about to schedule it? If yes, you can either:
  • Take your ARA01 exam at the originally scheduled appointment. A successfully passed ROM ARA01 exam shows your ROM competency. You do not require to take the ARA02 exam. Your ROM ARA01 certification will continue to be valid and your digital badge will continue to be available on your Credly dashboard from where you can share your badge electronically to show your professional achievement. Your ROM exam result will continue to appear on your Pearson VUE exam history: Log In > My Account > Exam History. You remain certified in ROM. OR
  • Cancel your ARA01 exam appointment, and prepare for and schedule your ARA02 exam. 
  1. I haven't booked the ROM Architect exam yet but I have prepared for ARA01 by using the course version 1 content. Shall I take ARA01 or ARA02 exam? This is up to you. If you have studied for ARA01 exam and wish to take it, you can do so but please note that ARA01 will only be available until31-Dec-20. If you do not take and pass ARA01 until 31-Dec-20, you will need to prepare for ARA02 exam. 
  2. To help me decide which version I want to prepare for, can you please tell me what's new in ROM version 2 course? The new version of Robotic Operating Model course (Course Version 2.0) is available for free on Blue Prism University. The updated course is designed to help you prepare for the ROM ARA02 exam. Use this course in combination with the ROM Architect Certification Path – Version 2 - Document that outlines the material you need to go through in order to successfully prepare for ARA02 exam. 

Below are the updates made in the course:

  • Expanded examples and models for organizational design
  • New business integration content for driving cultural adoption
  • Expanded Governance & Pipeline to cover security and controls including risk management and change management; and enhanced content on process discovery framework under Pipeline
  • Expanded Service Model to include tools like the Operational Handbook and Business Continuity Plan
  1. I want to take ARA02 exam, but I am booked ARA01. How do I cancel ARA01 and book ARA02 exam? If you wish to cancelARA01 exam and book ARA02, simply go to your PearsonVue account and cancel the ARA01 exam to obtain your refund. Once you have done that and you obtained the confirmation of the cancellation, please proceed with booking the ARA02 exam. 
  2. I already passed ARA01 exam. Is my certification badge now invalid since there is a new version of the exam? Your ARA01 exam remains valid, and you do not need to take ARA02 exam. 
  3. Is there going to be a new Acclaim badge for ARA02 exam? No. Our Robotic Operating Model methodology has been updated and those updates are reflected in our training course and the exam. There is no change in the role name.

Wishing you an enjoyable and successful learning and certification journey with Blue Prism!

Blue Prism University

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Brenda Weschke
Educations Services Operations Specialist

Brenda Weschke Educations Services Operations Specialist BluePrism