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📣SS&C Blue Prism® Chorus BPM: Foundation Series Learning Plan is now available!


Introducing the Chorus BPM Foundation Series learning plan, designed with beginners in mind! This learning plan is the gateway for our customers and partners to master Chorus BPM, starting from the very basics and advancing to complex administrative skills. It's perfect for anyone looking to boost their productivity or step into a role that requires Chorus BPM expertise.

📚 What to Expect:

  • An easy-to-follow introduction to the Chorus BPM interface
  • Step-by-step guides on creating forms and building processes
  • Training on effective use of communication tools
  • Development of essential administrative capabilities

Embark on your learning journey today and become proficient in Chorus BPM with our comprehensive guide. 

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Brenda Weschke Educations Services Operations Specialist BluePrism