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📣What's New, What's Coming in May to Blue Prism University!


Here is what is happening this month in Blue Prism University!

For our Customers and Partners, we have now released the SS&C Blue Prism® Chorus BPM: Foundation Series learning plan. It covers everything from the basics of the interface to advanced administrative skills.

Whether you aim to boost your productivity or gear up for a professional role using Chorus BPM, this series has you covered. Start your learning journey and become proficient in Chorus BPM with our comprehensive, step-by-step guide. Dive in today and transform your capabilities!

Keep an eye out for information about the release of our new ROM2 certification exam!

Later this month, we'll be rolling out new SS&C Blue Prism® Next Generation training modules to further enrich your understanding and skills with this product.

Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming releases. To find out the latest on what is happening with Blue Prism University, make sure you are subscribed to our  Blue Prism University community page  and check out our What’s New page for all the latest updates.

 ROM Chorus BPM Next Generation 


Brenda Weschke Educations Services Operations Specialist BluePrism