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The Saved Searches don't update the "To date" portion to the current date. It keeps the date the search was saved on. Add the ability to use current date  with a date span. 
Have the ability to customize the bubbles to different LOB fields. The bubbles that are set right now are for the Process Step and the Status. The Status isn't used a lot in our processes but the queue would be very valuable to see. Would also like t...
When a user creates an item using the Create Work card, the work item doesn't show the current step of the item. It only shows the first step for that process. The user has to open the item or search for the item separately to see the item move throu...
Please add functionality to worklist to move assigned suspended items to the bottom. Also, add functionality to be able to view only suspended or non suspended items in worklist. 
When inputting a comment, the text area is too small and only shows two lines. You do need to scroll to see the full comment if its longer than two lines.  We have users that paste input or paste large comments and it would be helpful to see more of ...