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Excel VBO - Unable to get the PivotTables property of the Worksheet class

  • 1.  Excel VBO - Unable to get the PivotTables property of the Worksheet class

    Posted 07-13-2023 08:49

    Hi, Community

    I'm testing with Pivot functions of Excel VBO, which is simple enough that it 1)creates pivot table, and 2)add rows to the table. However, the following error pops up persistently at the "Add Row to Pivot tables" action, and the same happens to "Add Values to Pivot tables" and "Add Filters to Pivot tables" actions as well. Can anyone explain the meaning of this error and some possible causes? 


    HongJoo Choi

  • 2.  RE: Excel VBO - Unable to get the PivotTables property of the Worksheet class
    Best Answer

    Posted 07-14-2023 05:35

    Hi Hon,

    We receive an error message that says 'unable to get pivotTables property of the worksheet class' when we attempt to perform pivot table actions on a worksheet that doesn't actually have a pivot table. Please make sure you are providing the correct worksheet name as input for the 'Add Row to Pivot Tables' / 'Add Values to Pivot Tables' actions.

    Alternatively, you can create an Excel template file with the desired pivot table. Then, paste the necessary data into the worksheet and create a custom action to refresh the pivot table.

    Athiban Mahamathi -
    Technical Consultant,

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