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 Filter collection - Latest Created date

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Teuta Pajaziti posted 05-22-2023 12:20


I need to filter a collection using Created date, as you can see attached above. 
I am trying filter "[Created] < '" & Now() & "'" also trying another filter "[Created] < ='" & [Date] & "'" 
"[Created] > ='" & [Date] & "'" it is not working, it is not taking the latest file created, if you have any idea how to solve i would appreciate it, thankyou in advance 

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Steve Boggs

Hi Teuta,

Have you tried working with the 'Utility - Collection Manipulation VBO' that comes bundled with Blue Prism for this? It contains a "Sort Collection" action that could potentially do what you're looking for here, with all of its actions outlined in this KB article here.

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Micheal Charron