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 Need Assistance with Inserting an Embedded Link in PowerPoint

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Hamza Ait Abdelouahab posted 11-29-2023 14:37

Hello Blue Prism Community,

I'm currently working on a project where I need to automate the insertion of an embedded hyperlink into a PowerPoint presentation using Blue Prism. I've encountered some challenges with the specifics of this task, particularly in programmatically embedding the link.

Has anyone here successfully implemented this kind of functionality? I would greatly appreciate any insights or examples of code snippets (f.e in VB.NET) that demonstrate how to achieve this.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,

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Leonardo Soares
Hello Hamza,
There is a third-party VBO for Power point, check if it has the desired functionality: 1586333082.1693806219&_gl=1*1ndb30u*_ga*MTU4NjMzMzA4Mi4xNjkzODA2MjE5*_ga_MFBQ2KFZ1L*MTcwMTU1MzIyMi41MC4xLjE3MDE1NTUyNzkuNDUuMC4w
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Hamza Ait Abdelouahab

Thanks for your Answer. Actually ,i'm already using it and it's going well with other tasks like inserting normal texts, but it doesn't support the desired functionality.