Meet Your SS&C Blue Prism MVPs for 2024

Find out which Community members will become our 2024 Most Valuable Professionals!

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Community Team
Community Team

Each and every year, the SS&C Blue Prism Community Team starts a search to find the most enthusiastic, kind-hearted and inspiring intelligent automation professionals to join our “Most Valued Professionals” (MVP) team. This group of extraordinary folks collaborates to create resources and ideas that make our community better for everyone.

Getting the composition of this team right is crucial since the MVPs become standard bearers for intelligent automation. In past cohorts, this group has collectively masterminded incredible resources like our Community Blueprints library and the "Getting Started With Automation" guide for beginners, and answered thousands of requests for help and information in our forum.

And it’s worth taking the time to highlight some incredible individual MVP contributions too. Such as:

... and so many more moments of kindness, generosity, helpfulness, inspiration and community spirit that listing them all here would be impossible.

As you might imagine then, the caliber of folks who become MVPs is sky-high, so we take great care during the application process to maintain that standard. After four months of searching and interviewing, I am honored to announce our 31 SS&C Blue Prism MVPs for the next 12 months! Please give your cheers, congratulations, likes and follows to the following:

  • Amlan Sahoo 
  • Andrzej Silarow 
  • Athiban Mathialagan
  • Daniel Sanhueza 
  • Devneet Mohanty 
  • Emerson Ferreira 
  • Genold Bañares 
  • Guilherme Morandini 
  • Harish Kumar Mogulluri 
  • Jed Evans 
  • Jesse Tutt 
  • Jignesh Khakhriya 
  • Kirti Talwar
  • LaskhmiGanesh Velayudham
  • Leonardo Queiroz 
  • Mark Hadubiak 
  • Michael Oneil 
  • Michael Wulff Nielsen 
  • Mohamad Dakkouri 
  • Mukesh Kumar
  • Neeraj Kumar 
  • Nilesh Jadhav 
  • Rafeeq Mohammad 
  • Rohit Srivastava 
  • Shreya Udagave 
  • Syed Faheem 
  • Tejaskumar Darji
  • Vaikunth Bhandare 
  • Vipul Tiwari 
  • Wagner Vasconcelos 
  • Zdenek Kabatek

To find out more about your MVPs for the next 12 months, click their usernames above. You can also learn more about the MVP program over on our Meet the MVPs page.

Once again, huge congratulations to everyone who made it through the application process this year. The competition for the MVP title was fierce, which is only a testament to how supportive, kind and inspiring our whole community is. I can’t wait to work with you all in the year ahead.

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Congratulations to All MVPs 👋 

Congratulations to all the 2024 MVPs!