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Community Team
Community Team

Earn badges to showcase your contributions!

In addition to your Community Level, you can also unlock a series of Badges in the SS&C Blue Prism Community that show other members what kinds of activities you have participated in, and how you're helping other members to succeed. 

There's a wide variety of badges available, each with their own criteria to unlock. We'll explore some of them in this guide but, remember, we're always adding new badges (and some of them are secret!)


Where can I see my unlocked badges?

Once you've earned at least 1 badge, you'll find a new button on your Community Profile page. Click the "View all badges" button to see all your unlocked badges!




What badges are available?

After clicking the "View all badges" button, you'll see a list of most badges that you can earn in the community. Any badges which you haven't earned yet will be faded out, and you can click them to see their unlock criteria:



Note that not all badges are listed here. New badges are frequently added, and some badges can only be unlocked by being in the right place at the right time. Other badges have secret requirements, or can only be unlocked by certain groups of people (such as by becoming an MVP). The best way to unlock badges is to take part in a wide variety of community activities!


How will I know when I unlock a new badge?

Whenever you unlock a new badge, we'll send you a notification in the Community. This notification will appear the next time you log in after earning the badge.

Depending on your settings, you may also receive an email to let you know about your new badge.

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