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Community Team
Community Team

Earn XP for actively contributing to the SS&C Blue Prism Community

As you begin to explore our community, you may end up unlocking a new Community Level. Your level is an indication of your experience as a community member and signals to other members of the community:

  • How long you've been using the Community for
  • How much you contribute
  • How varied your contributions are


How to view your current Community Level

Your Community Level is displayed next to your name on any contributions you make in the Community. You can also view your current level on your Community Profile:





How to increase your Community Level

As a new member, you'll unlock new levels quickly by exploring and interacting with the things you like. As you progress, you'll start to notice that you unlock new levels more slowly. If you want to keep progressing, you'll need to be intentional about how you actively contribute to our shared space.

If you find yourself stuck at a level and unable to progress, we recommend:

  • Providing answers to questions in the Product Forum
  • Contributing examples of your work to Community Blueprints
  • Starting interesting discussions which spark debate amongst members
  • Sharing hints, tips and advice which other members Like
  • Sharing your Product Ideas, and voting on others

Ultimately, if you're helping other people in our community, inspiring your fellow intelligent automation professional and interacting with other members' contributions - you'll be sure to unlock new levels regularly!

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